Sri Preston Kulkarni

Sri Preston Kulkarni


Compassion. Reason. Decency.

Sri Preston Kulkarni has spent his entire life serving his family, community, and country. A graduate of UT-Austin and Harvard, he served nearly 15 years as a Foreign Service Officer defending American values in places like Iraq and Russia. Now he is running for Congress to defend these values at home. He will fight to make sure that all the victims of Harvey get the relief they need, that no man, woman, or child in Texas’ 22nd district is without health care, that we prioritize scientific evidence over politics on addressing climate change, and that our inhumane criminal justice system gets reformed. Learn more about Sri and why he is running in the 22nd Congressional District.



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Meet Sri

I have spent my career trying to reduce conflict in other countries, but right now hostility and conflict are being inflamed in our own country, through the politics of anger and demagoguery, demonization of specific ethnic and religious groups, threats to rule of law, degradation of women, and an undermining of democratic institutions like a free press. I have worked under Democratic and Republican administrations before, but the current situation is different and should concern all Americans of conscience.

The greatest danger to our country right now is not a foreign power, but the internal divisions in our society. That is why I am coming home to Texas to serve. I know firsthand that to push back the tide of fear, we must recognize the sources which are fanning the flames of resentment and defuse them, by offering a positive vision for the future that all groups can believe in.

With your support, I promise to be a strong voice in Congress for returning to real Texas values, such as truth, fairness, generosity towards others, and respect for the dignity of the individual. With your help, we can make America decent again.


Why I’m Running


America must have a truly universal health care system, which brings down costs and ensures that no one suffers or dies simply because they cannot afford healthcare. We will advocate for a single payer system, such as Medicare for all, to achieve this goal.

gun violence

The rate of gun violence in America is unique to the developed world, with six times the gun homicide rate of Canada, and almost 20 times the rate of Australia.  Parents and community members should not have to live in fear of repeated mass shootings at their children’s schools and public gathering places.


The United States must prioritize people over pork barrel spending. We should base our funding decisions in decency, and provide adequate care for Veterans before funding expensive projects that mainly benefit large contractors. 


The United States should invest in higher education so that all students are able to graduate from a public university, college, or vocational school debt free. We will push to provide adequate resources to our primary and secondary schools for all students, including those with special needs, difficult home situations, and linguistics barriers.

climate change

Our government must base its environmental policy on evidence not ideology, and accept the overwhelming consensus among scientific experts that human activity is causing climate change.  We will hold government agencies accountable.

disaster relief

The United States must have an adequate disaster response system that treats victims with compassion and decency. In a year in which we saw the highest damage due to natural disasters in history, the response by the administration to flooding in Texas was incompetent, and Congress prioritized tax cuts over disaster relief.