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Voters need to see that Pete Olson is a no-show, passing only 3 bills in 10 years (BACKUP). This is disappointing to the voters who have supported Olson in the past, but now may be open to considering a change. This is true for Latinos, Asians and Independents.

Voters need to know that the Houston Chronicle has reached the same conclusion and has withdrawn its support of Pete Olson and says he is “any promise Olson displayed… has been washed away over the years. Instead of representing the best interests of his district, he has become just another D.C. hypocrite who’s politically afraid to choose a more independent path…. He has pandered to bizarre conspiracy theories…. Overall, Olson has come to represent all the worst instincts of U.S. Politics. Kulkarni represents our politics at its best." (BACKUP)

Voters who support Sri but are not consistent voters should hear that Olson is a reliable vote for Donald Trump, supporting him 97% of the time (BACKUP), and that he has voted repeatedly against women and against women’s health care (BACKUP) and against equal pay (BACKUP). —Olson even believes women should pay more for health insurance for men because men can’t have babies (BACKUP). Sri will stand up to Trump, oppose separating families torn apart by Trump’s cruel immigration policies and will support health care for every Texan. This is especially true for African American women, Latinos and millennial voters.


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