Washed Away

Pete Olson only passed three bills over 10 years of Congress. Now the Houston Chronicle has withdrawn its endorsement of him, saying he represents "all the worst instincts of U.S. politics." Is this the kind of representation we deserve?.

American Story

I'm the son of an immigrant dad and a mom whose family came to America before the Revolution. I know what makes our country great. But I've also lived the challenges we face. I want to help write the next chapter of our American story -- where every family is treated with compassion and decency.

The Choices We Make

People have choices and nations have choices. Sri chose to give up his career to stand up for what's right. Choose to stand with him in the election this fall. For Sugar Land, Pearland and Katy, choose Sri Preston Kulkarni.

I Swore an Oath

Defending your country can mean defending national security or defending our nation's values. If you want a Congressman who will defend both, choose Sri Preston Kulkarni for Congress.

Will Butler of Arcade Fire Endorses Sri Preston Kulkarni

"He's also really willing to sit down with lots of different people with lots of different worldviews and find where there is common ground."

Multilingual Phonebank

Political consultants tell me there is no point in reaching out to Asian Americans. They say that Asian Americans don't vote. I see it differently. Maybe they don't vote because no one has reached out to them in their own languages. That's why we're calling every voter in Texas's 22nd Congressional District in their own languages. We have volunteers calling in over a dozen languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, Vietnamese, and more.